Saturday, December 13, 2014

Jason goes to Holehead--Day 6

Two more last Wednesday.

First up was a good ol' slasher flick from Australia, CHARLIE'S FARM. Two young couples go on a camping trip, trying to find a legendary allegedly-haunted farm where a brutal slaughter took place years ago. Turns out the farmers were cannibals, the townspeople killed them, but their retarded son Charlie survived. And he's gonna hack the crap out of anyone who sets foot on his farm. Gloriously gruesome and lots of fun, and featuring a giant dick joke. My only complaint is that people died in the wrong order. Tara Reid (oh yeah, this stars Tara Reid) should've died first.

And then a classic, 35 mm presentation of POLTERGEIST. No review needed. It's a god-damned classic, and still enjoyable today. Awesome.

Total Running Time: 202 minutes
My Total Minutes: 376,518

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