Monday, January 14, 2013


There's at least a 50% probability I've spelled that right. Just don't ask me to pronounce it.

Okay, I'm about a week behind in updating my blog. My new job is taking up quite a bit of time. I actually saw this last Tuesday (although it's still playing until January 17th at the Roxie.)

This is an odd little movie. Billed as "A real world, real deal analogue to BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD" it's...not quite that. It's faux-verite kinda-documentary story of 3 young brothers from the town of Algiers, right across the river from New Orleans. They take the ferry across to New Orleans and have a night of adventure, seeing all the colorful characters. They miss the last ferry back home, play around in an abandoned steamboat, and...well, that's about it. It's part travelogue, part coming-of-age story, and all done in a cinema-verite style.

But it's not verite. Although it's presented as taking place over one night, it was actually shot over a period of 9 months. And if you read the user reviews on IMDb, it's not a particularly accurate portrayal of New Orleans (starting with a curfew for teenagers in New Orleans, meaning they would've been picked up by the police.) I don't personally know anything about that. I've been to New Orleans once, back when I was in college, for a little Mardi Gras debauchery. But I can't help but remember Werner Herzog's words (paraphrased, to the best of my memory): 'All movies are a lie! All movies are the truth! It's what you bring to it that matters! And if you can't see that, you're an imbecile!'

Unfortunately, I just couldn't find much of anything to bring to this (or that it brought to me.) I was pretty much just bored.

Running Time: 80 minutes
My Total Minutes: 310,396

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