Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jason watches IMPOLEX

That was an enjoyable little piece of weirdness.

I liked THE COLOR WHEEL when I saw it at Indiefest last year. In fact, I liked it enough to see it a second time when it returned to the Roxie (warning, that second link gets really spoiler-y.) So, of course, I was excited to see director Alex Ross Perry's first feature, IMPOLEX, at it's one-night-only special screening at the Roxie. Me and...a handful of fellow true cinephiles. I don't think there was anyone there that night who I hadn't seen at multiple film festivals in San Francisco over the years. Even if I didn't know everyone by name, I knew pretty much all of them by sight.

Perry has a unique style of understated, deadpan absurdism. In THE COLOR WHEEL it was muted enough that some people I talked to at Indiefest didn't actually think it was a comedy. In IMPOLEX, it's a little more obvious, as you have Tyrone (Riley O'Bryan) wandering through some unspecific forest lugging around one V2 rocket and looking for another one. And he meets a lot of strange people from his past, and a talking octopus. I'm not sure it's "about" anything other than the absurdity of the situation. Maybe it's about finding your soulmate--if you're a rocket. Yeah, that's what I'll go with. It's a rocket-meets-rocket rom-com.

Running Time: 73 minutes
My Total Minutes: 310,468

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