Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jason watches FINDING NEMO 3-D

So I've been mostly away from the movies for a while. I'll fix that tonight when I go to the opening night of Berlin and Beyond. I've just been a little busy going to Burning Man at the last minute, moving to a new place in San Jose (moving in with a couple of friends to save money on rent,) then traveling halfway across the country and helping friends move from Houston, TX to Bakersfield, CA. But now I'm back in the swing of things, and while I've barely started unpacking stuff into my new room, that doesn't stop me from seeing some movies.

So before the main feature, there was a new Pixar short, PARTYSAURUS REX. The timid, vervous T-Rex (voice of Wallace Shawn) is generally a party-pooper who keeps the other toys from having fun. But when he's chosen as the toy for bathtime, he suddenly has a new lease on being the life of the part--Partysaurus Rex. Cute and fun.

Then the feature, the recent classic FINDING NEMO. Damn, I forgot how good of a movie it is. My eyes still get a little watery in the beginning when Coral and all but one of the eggs (NEMO, of course) are devoured. And the emotional journey of Marlin (Albert Brooks) as a timid fish afraid of everything battling the whole darn ocean to find his son--damn that's powerful.

But hey, we knew that nine years ago. The real difference this time is the 3-D.'s...good. Really, well done. Unnecessary, sure (the film was already made to be excellent in 2-D), but given that they did the 3-D, I'm glad they did it well. And, of course, it's just great to see it on the big screen again. So if you like 3-D, go see it in 3-D. If you just like a great animated movie, go ahead and see it in 2-D, you won't really lose anything.

Total Running Time: 107 minutes
My Total Minutes: 298,297

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