Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jason watches ASTEROIDS: LIVE at the Dark Room

Yes, a live micro-stage adaptation of the classic video game. How the heck do they do that? Well, first, with no actual asteroids seen. And with a framing device involving an ape telling a story of something that happened to humans long, long ago. It's a story of the Administration Spinner Ship Alpha, sent on a mission to clear asteroid fields for a hyperspace transit lane (I forget the meaningless technical jargon, I just laughed at it.) But when they're nearing the field, they get sent on a mysterious side mission to investigate a derelict spinner ship. And comic hijinx ensue.

Jokes about the 61 states of America (including most of Europe and Russia.) A Tron parody. The crew's confusion over being blown to bits and somehow being alive again. And puppet aliens. Lots of fun.

And there's only one more chance to see it, tonight. More info here.

The Dark Room, of course, is also the spot for Bad Movie Night every Sunday, and they do lots of stage plays. Next month, THE FIFTH ELEMENT: LIVE.

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