Monday, September 17, 2012

Jason goes to the Bad Art Gallery for Bad Movie Playhouse--POINT BREAK

Hey, there's another Bad Movie Night in town, and I was there for its inaugural night last Friday. They started with a Patrick Swayze program, but at my urging they avoided starting with RED DAWN. That would be copying the Dark Room's Bad Movie Night too much.

Anyway, so they started with POINT BREAK. You know, Swayze being all guru, Keanu being all blank. Gary Busey getting a raging clue by checking out the tan lines on men's asses. Good times. And all directed by future Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow (and produced by her then husband James Cameron, just before they divorced.)

But you know the movie (or should. Or shouldn't...depending on if you like quality.) so I'd rather compare the Bad Movie experiences at B.A.G. and the Dark Room.

At the Dark Room, they turn down the volume on the movie and put on the subtitles, so you can still follow along while hearing mostly the rude comments from the audience. Point, Dark Room.

At B.A.G., you can drink booze. They even sell booze right there. Point, B.A.G.

At the Dark Room, they have designated hosts, with microphones. Point, Dark Room.

At the Dark Room, they have a pre-show of clips based on the them of the night's movie. Point, Dark Room.

At the Dark Room, they actually introduce the movie and even have a theme song. Point, Dark Room.

At the Dark Room, the projector is lined up correctly at the screen, so you're watching a rectangular movie instead of a trapezoidal one. Point, Dark Room.

At B.A.G., you can browse bad art and laugh at the funny "artologists" notes before the movie. Point, B.A.G.

At B.A.G, there's a designated front row seat that's just behind a corner of the wall, so I can sit in the front row and not block anyone's view. Point, B.A.G.

So counting up the final score, the winner Because I was drunk and rowdy and making fun of a bad movie. Hooray, me!

Running Time: 120 Minutes
My Total Minutes: 298,073

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