Monday, July 23, 2012

Jason Watches ROCK OF AGES at the Cinedome 7 Newark

Again, it's my favorite local run-down discount theater. $2 for a movie, they still show on film, and for the first time that I've seen, they actually played three whole trailers before the feature. But I did have to suffer through a spotty sound system, which was kind of annoying.

And unfortunately, I don't think the movie was worth my $2 anyway. The story is flat, but let's be honest this is nothing more than an excuse to revel in 80's rock anthems. Problem is, the songs made me cringe more often than they made me sing along. I know this is the soundtrack to my youth, problem is I have a pretty ambivalent love/hate relationship with my youth. And somehow seeing Alec Baldwin and Russel Brand as gay lovers doesn't help. The only line I liked was this (between the female and male leads, after they've been apart for a while and are meeting again):

Sherrie: I'm a stripper at the Venus club.
Drew: I'm in a boy band.
Sherrie: You win.

Basically, if I want to revel in some 80's music I prefer SF Indiefest's traditional Valentine's Day Power Ballad Sing-along "Love Bites." It's not that the music is any better, but the audience is better and I'm way drunker.

Running Time: 123 minutes
My Total Minutes: 191,353

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