Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Yeah, I'm hitting that Cinedome Newark as hard as I can, catching up on the movies I was kinda moderately interested in but never got around to.

Ewan MacGregor plays Dr. Alfred Jones, a British fish expert who is contacted by Harriet (don't make me remember her last name, but she's played by Emily Blunt) on behalf of a Yemeni Sheikh (Amr Waked) who is a fan of fly fishing and wants to bring the sport to Yemen. This plan, of course, is completely bonkers, but in looking for a positive story coming out of the Middle East, the highest levels of the British government back the plan and pretty much force him to lead it. The thing is, the Sheikh is actually a charismatic (and rich) enough guy to convince him it actually can be done. Along the way, Dr. Jones and Harriet fall in love, even though he's got a wife who's off fixing some financial crisis in Geneva and she's got a boyfriend who is MIA in Afghanistan. Actually, the romance part is easily the weakest part (rivaled only by the subplot of Yemeni radicals who try to sabotage the project because they believe it's an unholy project to westernize Yemen.) The insanity of bringing salmon to Yemen is a lot more fun. And surprisingly the charisma of the Sheikh--and his ability to show Dr. Jones that even a non-religious man can still be a man of faith--is probably the strongest part.

Running Time: 112 minutes
My Total Minutes: 288,293

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Chad said...

Yeaaa, I have the chance to watch this movie on February 14 =D