Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jason goes to Asianfest--Day 9

Last Friday was the San Jose opening gala, and of course I was there.

First the movie, KNOTS, all about...mawwiage. Mawwiage, that bwessed awwangement, that dweam within a dweam...

Sorry, I slipped into a bit of PRINCESS BRIDE there. Actually, it's about three sisters and their mother who runs a wedding planning business in Hawaii. Writer-producer Kimberly-Rose Wolter plays the eldest daughter, Lily. She's strictly against marriage, so when her boyfriend proposes in a very public manner she freaks out and runs away. In fact, she runs back home to her family, where in festival-theme fashion she becomes a disruptive influence. She meddles in the business, actually ending up coordinating a wedding despite hating the whole institution. But most of all she meets up again with her old high school boyfriend. And sparks are still there. Big complication, though, he's dating Lily's youngest sister Hoku. Oh, and through it all the middle sister Twinny is pregnant and her husband seems pretty darn absent all the time. So there's a bit of cloak and dagger work to find out exactly where he's sneaking off to. It all adds up to a sweet and funny story that certainly believes in love even if it doesn't believe in marriage.

Oh yeah, and then the after party. I braved a torrential downpour to walk over to the San Jose Museum of Art. I drank a bit. I tried a sake margarita but I'm not really a fan of sake and margaritas are just okay, so I just stuck with beer for the rest of the night. And I checked out some of the art. I liked a lot of their Renegade Humor exhibit, but I was really thrilled to learn that To Hell and Back: Sandow Birk's Divine Comedy is there until September. His movie version of DANTE'S INFERNO played at Indiefest years ago, and was one of my favorites. It was really cool to see he had also made lithographs for Purgatorio and Paradiso as well.

Running Time: 77 minutes
My Total Minutes: 274,137

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