Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jason goes to Hong Kong Cinema--Opening Night

The SFFS Fall Season has officially begun. A series of weekend mini-fests, starting with Hong Kong Cinema. I just caught one movie last night, the late show action comedy, MR. AND MRS. INCREDIBLE.

10 years ago, there were two great superheroes. Gazer Warrior (high flying kung fu master with heat vision eyes) and Aroma Woman (also a high flying kung fu master but with a flower attack that renders the victim a babbling, hallucinating idiot). They were so popular their followers urged them to fight to find out who is the greatest superhero. But they had other ideas--run away, retire, romance, marriage, and a peaceful life in Rainbow Village (where there's a double rainbow every day). And that's where they are today. She cooks, he's the leader of the village guards, and they keep their powers secret. They've just saved up enough to by a secluded house by the sea, and now maybe they're ready to have a child. Boooring...we (and it turns out, they) want Gazer Warrior and Aroma Woman to come out of retirement. And of course, eventually, they do, at a Kung Fu ranking competition that is clearly the cover for something more sinister. On the way there, there's too many side distractions, mostly around how the doctor prescribes a little more excitement in their life, so they try to have a fight with each other (we're to believe they've been married 10 years and don't know how to have a fight?) But ultimately it's funny, playful, silly, and rides easily on the chemistry of the two leads, Louis Koo and Sandra Ng, who reappears in the festival in ALL ABOUT LOVE and ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW (sadly, she won't be here in person).

Running Time: 100 minutes
My Total Minutes: 248,509

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Eric S. said...

Good review, and I can't believe I missed this! Sounds great. Any movie featuring a kung fu strategy based on smells sounds like a good movie in my book!