Friday, July 8, 2011

Jason watches BRIDESMAIDS

And yeah, it's pretty funny.

I really had no desire to see it, didn't seem like my cup of tea. But I had heard from a couple of independent sources that it's better than it looks from the trailer. Maybe that's faint praise, but when I found myself with some time to kill I checked it out.

I think I'd rather have not heard any endorsement of it. I think it's a fine movie to go into with low expectations and be pleasantly surprised. It's got plenty of funny scenes, surprisingly likable characters, and a realistically annoying 'villain' (nothing overly cartoonish, Rose Byrne's villain is just prettier, richer, more popular, and better at planning weddings than Kristen Wiig's heroine--you know, annoying as hell). And despite Kristen Wiig always finding a new rock bottom (always through her own bad decisions), it's still easy to root for her.

I just wish my expectations hadn't been raised so high. Instead of being surprisingly good, it was about as good as I expected. No complaints, though--without the raised expectations I probably would've skipped it entirely.

Running Time: 125 minutes
My Total Minutes: 241,790

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