Friday, July 29, 2011

Jason slips into a Vortex and votes for LINDA LOVELACE FOR PRESIDENT

What a weird decade the 70's must have been, if this seemed like a logical way to follow up on the popularity of porn hit DEEP THROAT.

A camp of diverse freaks (including a Nazi) form a political party for some reason, but then have no agreement on who their candidate should be, until someone suggests either Jesus Christ or Linda Lovelace. The choice is clear, because a movie with Jesus running for President on a platform of bad oral sex puns just wouldn't make any sense (but would likely be more fun than this film). We're then treated to a series of jokes about how Lovelace is the only candidate who can make the whole country come together. Oh, and we're treated to a cameo from Mickey Dolenz demonstrating how hard it was to get work post-Monkees.

Granted, I did doze off through a large chunk of the movie, so maybe I missed the brilliant parts of it. I was four manhattans to the wind, but dammit those were tasty manhattans and I sure as shit couldn't watch this film sober. It's not something you watch for fun, it's something you get a group of friends together and inflict on them.

Running Time: 95 minutes
My Total Minutes: 245,320

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