Monday, July 11, 2011

Jason watches THE BIG LEBOWSKI in San Jose's Starlight Cinema

All summer long Wednesdays in San Jose is the time/place to catch free cult/classic movies outside. I've missed most of the series, but I was there last Wednesday for THE BIG LEBOWSKI, along with my friend Ira, a champion Walter Sobchak impersonator (he was robbed at the costume contest this time). No need to say anything about the movie. If you know it, you know it; if you don't, learn it.

I will say that as much fun as it was to see it on one of those warm San Jose evenings, the projection was not great--wavy artifacts and the wrong aspect ratio. They could use a little technical help, perhaps. But at least I got up and acted out Donny's death scene with Ira. I played a blue-haired, trench-coated Dude and it wasn't windy enough to really make Donny's ashes fly, but at least I got an applause.

Next Wednesday, SPACEBALLS!

Running Time: 117 minutes
My Total Minutes: 242,096

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