Monday, March 28, 2011

Jason watches SUCKER PUNCH

I want to start by explaining to Zack Snyder that if every scene is made to be the most amazing scene ever, then nothing ends up amazing. It's just exhausting. However I know that advice would be lost on Mr. Snyder, and I knew that going in.

As for this particular over-stylized excess, it's the story of a girl Baby Doll (Emily Browning) who is sent to an insane asylum by her abusive stepfather. There she's scheduled for lobotomy, but escapes into a world of her fantasy. In particular, two levels of nested fantasies. In the first, she and her fellow inmates are not in an asylum, they're performers in a burlesque house (and, of course, prostitutes, too). She's the new girl, scheduled for the "high roller" (John Hamm, who of course is also the doctor performing the lobotomy). But even there she escapes into a second level of fantasy, where she and the other girls are an ass-kicking elite fighting force, on a series of missions against various monsters.

Yup, there's a level of stylized hyper-sexuality, and a level of stylized hyper-violence under that. But in the end, back in the world of the insane asylum, she's lobotomized. Zack Snyder has made the perfect metaphor for watching Zack Snyder movies. And it's the audience that got sucker punched. And if that's actually intentional, Zack Snyder is a subversive genius...but I doubt it.

Running Time: 109 minutes
My Total Minutes: 230,365


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