Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jason goes to the Niles Film Museum--March 26, 2011

Back at my favorite silent film museum in all of Fremont. It's been too long!

A SAFE INVESTMENT (1915): Mr. Sidney Drew tells his wife she has no head for business, just before he sets out perpetrating a Ponzi scheme, guaranteeing 50% returns on investments in a gold mine. Of course, this won't end well.

BAD BOY (1925): Perhaps my favorite lesser-known silent-era comedian, Charley Chase as Jimmy Jump, trying to make it in his father's tough iron business. It doesn't help that his mother makes him dress in drag and dance like Isadora Duncan for charity galas. Well, it doesn't help his reputation, it does help the audiences funny bone.

Then, as always, a brief intermission

WHEN A MAN'S A PRINCE (1926): A bonus short added, cross-eyed Ben Turpin is a prince, being forced to marry the gigantic princess of Amazonia in order to pay off his family's debt. Too bad he has his eye (at least one of them) on her maid in waiting, a far more lovely (and reasonably sized) woman. Wacky hijinx ensue.

THE HOTTENTOT (1922): And finally, Douglas MacLean plays a man who is afraid of horses, but gets mistaken for a jockey and goes with it for the love of a beautiful woman. Funny and exciting. The title is the name of the horse who's so fierce he throws most any rider. Guess who our hero has to ride in the big race at the end. This film was shown in it's shortened version (40 minutes instead of 60, and with the title THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS) , hence the bonus Ben Turpin short.

Total Running Time (estimated): 90 minutes
My Total Minutes: 230,256

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