Monday, February 14, 2011

Jason goes to Indiefest--Day 12

Two films, this Valentine's Day night. As always, I spend it with the ones I love--movies.

First up, the shorts program THE END OF LOVE AS WE KNOW IT:
FIRST KISS: The comical adventures of a couple 30 year old guys looking for chicks at a college party. Bad kissing and other fun on a rooftop.
MR X: A garbageman befriends an old filmmaker who shows him the greatest love of all--love of the magic of the movie camera. Oh, and there's a girl, too.
BATHING AND THE SINGLE GIRL: Comedienne Christine Elise McCarthy details her humorous adventures trying to be a cougar.
A FACE FIXED: Rural Missouri, where a young man navigates his own love life while learning (mislearning?) about his parents' past through videotapes.
BRINK: When gravity fails, a young man takes one last shot at the love of his life.
THE TENNESSEE WALTZ: Space travel and love between a man and his suspended animation wife.

Then I saw the feature film, a 24 hour romance JE T'AIME I LOVE YOU TERMINAL, an Israeli film shot in Prague. As we learn from the opening narration, Ben is a guy who historically can't make decisions. But he's just made the biggest decision of his life--asking his long-distance girlfriend to marry him. She says yes (I assume, he asked over the phone and we don't get to hear the other end). Then he just has to get from Tel Aviv to her place in New York, which he books with a stopover in Prague. On the plane he meets Emma, a free spirit on her way to San Francisco who believes in reinventing herself while she's on the road. So when they both miss their connecting flights, she reinvents them as a couple (with a little quick explaining about their different destinations). So they spend a day in Prague--talking, dancing in the street, visiting his aunt, telling her they're engaged, fighting, etc. You know, having a funny, fast forward relationship and forcing Ben to question whether he really wants to continue to New York or stay with Emma. A light, enjoyable movie that lets you spend 24 hours (in 90 minutes) with a couple of interesting people.

And that was Tuesday at Indiefest. Just three days left (2.5 if you consider I've already seen both late shows on Thursday, so I could wrap it up early that night)

Total Running Time: 170 minutes
My Total Minutes: 223,647

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