Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jason gives away his Cinequest Pass

As in previous years at Cinequest, I am both Press (in fact, an "esteemed media member" according to my Press Credential approval e-mail) and a supporter at a level that gives me a Mavericks Pass. So once again, I have to come up with a contest to give away my pass.

Last year it was all about encouraging someone to write more about film (and specifically, Cinequest).

Blogsturbation is soooo last year. Now it's all about the twitter (that's right, you will need to have a twitter account to enter). And in fact, I feel like celebrating the greatest feature of twitter--utterly concise stupidity.

A few days ago as a bit of a joke I tweeted that I wanted to dress as Vampira for the world premiere of PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE in 3-D. So here are the rules: To enter you have to @ reply me (start your tweet with @puppymeat) and include #CQFF in the tweet. That leaves you 125 characters to come up with a pithy, compelling argument as to why somebody with a body closer to Tor Johnson either should or should not dress up as Vampira.

You can enter as many times as you want, but the winner will be chosen as the best single tweet. I won't give you any extra points for multiple tweets.

Deadline is midnight, Sunday February 27. Cinequest starts Tuesday, March 1.

Note: my final decision as to whether or not to dress as Vampira is not necessarily dependent on the winning tweet. It'll have more to do with my comfort level and whether I actually have time/resources to do it. Of course, compelling arguments do move me.

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