Monday, January 3, 2011

Jason watches THE KING'S SPEECH

I have to admit that no matter how many great things I heard about this movie, I wasn't all that excited about it from the trailers. I knew there would be great acting (Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush wouldn't disappoint), but there's a scene in the trailer with Rush sitting on the throne and Firth yelling at him for it. Rush asks him why he should even listen to him, and Firth yells "Because I have a voice!" to which Rush smiles and says calmly, "Yes, you do."

Usually trailers are supposed to have the best scenes in the movie. And certainly this was supposed to be dramatic, but every time I saw the trailer it struck me as annoyingly, glibly over-written. Well, there's a little more in that scene that takes some of the annoying glibness out and makes it a bit more natural, but it's still not my favorite scene (same goes for the "You're peculiar"/"I take that as a compliment" scene). And I found the continual anti-smoking message equally annoying. But focusing on those scenes alone takes away from an otherwise exceptional movie. Yes, Firth and Rush are amazing in their roles, and it's quite an accomplishment to make audiences sympathize with the problems of a privileged royal.

Running Time: 118 minutes
My Total Minutes: 218,524

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