Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jason falls into a Vortex and see THE MOONSHINE WAR

Oh yeah, I'm back at my favorite underground movie club, and I kept my new year resolution by not drinking a Martini (I had Manhattans instead. They were delicious, I would like to visit this "Manhattan" place someday, anyone know where it is?)

Anyway, this was the kickoff of hicksploitation month at the Vortex. I didn't stick around for the second film, BIG BAD MOMMA, but the first one was certainly...something.

Alan Alda stars as moonshiner John W. (Son) Martin and Patrick McGoohan plays Prohibition Agent Frank Long. They seem to know each other, and while Frank is the type of Agent who isn't above sampling the local moonshine, he's still got a job to do. There's some standoff and nothing really comes of it. Then it turns into a completely different movie. A "doctor" (claims to be a dentist, but that's immaterial) and his adult son rob a couple in a restaurant, stealing all of their clothes. For some reason they team up with Agent Frank, but soon the doctor goes too far and the final standoff is actually Frank and John against the psycho doctor and his son. It doesn't make a lot of sense (although I love how the whole town comes out just to watch the standoff, not to intervene in any way), it's not really exploitative enough to be hicksploitation, and I will never be able to forget Alan Alda attempting a southern accent--and that's a bad thing.

Running Time: 100 minutes
My Total Minutes: 218,946

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