Friday, February 27, 2009

Jason goes to Cinequest--Day 2 (extra notes)

I've already reviewed the films I saw yesterday, but I forgot to mention all the other partying. I didn't make the VIP Soiree (but hope to hop in to Vivid Lounge for a minute or two tonight before heading to the California for Birth of a Nation). I did make it to the nightly "watering hole" at the E&O trading company. It was great hanging out with not just the CQ staff and fellow fans (the people I see every year), but also some filmmakers. I had a drink with Jeffrey James Lippold of Samurai Avenger: Blind Wolf (looking forward to your film tonight!). Director Julian M. Kheel and his crew from Capers were there, including Cinequest Maverick award winner Blanchard Ryan (Emerging Maverick, CQ15). And director Mike McKeown and Master Roshambollah from Rock, Paper, Scissors were there. Really cool night, that kept me out way too late.

Other notes. They're playing trailers for festival films between the movies this year (instead of just a real of sponsor's ads). I like this a lot. Also, if you go to and search for "inside Cinequest" you can see video clips of the action from the festival. I personally haven't done this yet because my regular day job blocks I hope to have time to check it out at home. In the meantime, any readers who go there and check it out, leave a comment telling me what you think.

Speaking of day job, looks like next week it becomes a night job. I've managed to justify being on the midnight shift next week (only time I can get enough time on our equipment), which means that I'll be seeing more Cinequest matinees starting Monday. It also means I'll stop sleeping, and my reviews will descend into an incoherent mess. A prize to the first person to pinpoint the moment I lose my mind!

Yeah, that's it for now. Tonight I'm off to see How Am I Not Going to Love You? followed by Birth of a Nation and Samurai Avenger: Blind Wolf. Then I have a 7 film lineup planned for Saturday. That is, unless anything changes between now and when I leave for work.


Unknown said...

Don't forget "King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters"!

Unknown said...

(Sorry, I meant to post that in regards to Rock, Paper Scissors.)

puppymeat said...

Ah, I forgot about that for a good reason--I never actually saw it. Meant to, but it slipped through the cracks.

So I guess I can put 4 films in my trilogy of weird competition docs.