Friday, February 20, 2009

Jason goes to Indiefest--Day 15

Which was closing San Francisco. Indiefest continues over the weekend in Berkeley, where I still have to catch two final shows. Then next weekend it heads to Sugarbowl for a skiing weekend with movies. Anyway, on to the movie.

The first show of the nights was the shorts program "Altered Fates":
Patrick Warren: Very cool experimental film. Emphasis on film. A magic show of scratches on film, made with an Exacto knife. Take that, digital video!
The 100th Job: For a hit man, the 100th job is the most important. Succeed at that one, and you're made. A cool story, the only problem was director/star Micki Mihich has an accent that was distracting throughout. I kept trying to place the accent rather than think about the action. Still, his rant about rude people in movies made my day.
Vroom-Vroom!: The journey of Zoe going from a girl who'd give a goodbye blowjob to the boyfriend who's dumping her to being a Bad Ass Bitch.
Burr: Kid's picked on in school. Needs satisfaction. So he learns the code of the duel, and learns what honor means.
F.U.B.A.R.: A cartoon soldier learns how real everything becomes when you get your first kill.
Dark Yellow: Modern noir story of a couple who meet at a bar. They both hold dark secrets that come out through a night of flirtation. Kinda twisted.

Speaking of kinda twisted, the closing night film was Deadgirl. Oh boy, this was a good one. A classic coming-of-age, boy-meets-girl story, which quickly turns into a boy-rapes-the-shit-out-of-a-chained-up-zombie movie. High school losers Rickie and JT break into an abandoned hospital. Deep in the bowels they find a mysterious door, rusted shut. Behind that door they find a naked lady, strapped to a gurney, and still alive (or at least, still moving). So they do the logical thing--get some pussy. Rickie is a little revolted (and besides, he's still obsessing over his crush from when he was 12), but JT loves it. On the surface, he's a loser, but down here he's a master of his own little sex slave. Add a stoner friend who can't keep his mouth shut, a couple of jock bullies, a tragic blowjob (not the first at this Indiefest, maybe there hasn't been enough to call it a theme, but I think the moral of Indiefest 2009 is be careful what mouth you stick your dick in--avoid zombies and epileptics). Yeah, there's some sick shit in there, so of course I liked it. And the fact is it's not just about raping a zombie (although for the record, first time actress Jennie Spain redefines trouper), there's a lot about objectification, inability to empathize, the horror of growing up, and the disconnect between fantasy and reality. Yeah, I could pretend to be some sort of intellectual and explain why the movie is smart (and really, it is), but I like it because I know there's a small chance one of my crazy friends will say someday, "you know what I've never seen in a movie? A guy raping a zombie." And then I can shout out, "I have!", as if that's something to be proud of (and really, it is).


Erk Schmerk said...

I'm beginning to wonder if we miss out on all these great cultural events. I mean, here we are *never* getting zombie rape movies!

I wonder what your search results will show now?

puppymeat said...

I don't know if this is sad or not, but I'm not even in the top 10 google search pages for zombie rape. I don't know when I show up, I got pretty sick of looking.