Monday, September 21, 2009

Jason watches 9

That is, the movie "9", not 9 movies or something.

Anyway, it's an inherently difficult proposition to try and make a story in which the characters are non-human, not even animals, and try to have the same emotional connection as if they were human. WALL-E is the gold standard of this, and 9 doesn't come close. It's visually very entertaining, and moves pretty briskly (the movie clocks in at just under 80 minutes). In fact, it's probably too brisk, not enough time to get to know and care about the little burlap sack critters, each imbued with a life force from a now-dead scientist. It's just not much of a story-wise or character-wise. There's a machine they must fight, there's a talisman that's the secret to it all, and there's a "beware of weapons technology, it will turn on you" back story that's pretty obvious (how many "the robots turned against us" stories are there now? And by the way, does anyone care about the irony of a computer-animated anti-technology screed?) If the soul of humanity is destined to be carried in these little one-dimensional burlap sack critters, why even bother?
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