Monday, September 28, 2009

Jason previews Docfest 2009 (from a purely mathematical point of view)

The schedule for the SF Documentary Film Festival is finally out!

Here's a simple spreadsheet of the full schedule (click for big enough to read):

Did you notice what was odd about it? If not, then you're not me. How about if I highlight all the movies that are only playing once in green and highlight all the movies playing opposite of those movie in red?

Okay, the point is if you want to see everything you must see the green movies and therefore can't see the red movies. So remove the red lines, and highlight any movie that now has only one remaining show. Repeat as far as you can and...

Wait!? What's with those yellow lines? Well, it turns out, unless I've badly missed the math (please Internet, check my work, tell me I'm wrong, I want to believe!) for the first time since I've started doing this, the guys at Indiefest have programmed a film festival where I can't see everything! Oh, the horror! This represents the closest I could get, and I'd have to choose two movies not to see. Actually, not too bad because I already saw JOHNNY CASH AT FOLSOM PRISON back at Cinequest, so theoretically I'd have to choose one of either I NEED THAT RECORD or THE EARTH IS YOUNG to skip.

Fine, I'll go actually read the film descriptions.

Actually, this is all kind of moot because what with my time at the Niles Film Museum (oh yeah, coming up October 25th: WATCH HORROR FILMS, KEEP AMERICA STRONG with HARDWARE WARS) and the Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival there was practically no way I'd see all of Docfest anyway. Oh yeah, and there's that Mill Valley Film Festival coming up, too. Maybe I'll catch some of that.

Anyway, off to buy my Docfest pass now.
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