Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Jason goes to Indiefest--Day 12

It's a week after the fact, but we're down to the final stretch. Two more shows on Monday, starting with the final shorts program, #WTF. Hooray for weird-ass shorts!
CANDY-GASMS: How a woman eats candy. How a man eats candy. How a leather-harness clad fetishist eats chocolate....
AARSA: From India, a janitor in a dance studio takes his chance to become a beautiful dancer.
THE COUNSELOR: Based on a true story, in 1971 at a crisis center hotline, a suicidal teenager calls in and is talked off the edge...but Ted Bundy.
GOLDEN SHOT: I saw this one last year at Cinequest. Machines, powered by light, spend all their time and effort trying to keep the lights on. But one has the daring idea--build the sun.
THE HISTORY OF MAGIC: ENSUENO: A funny animated piece about a reckless teenage girl in West Texas.
MADE IN SPAIN: Stop-motion insanity as a day at the beach gets crazier and crazier.
MINOR TURBULENCE: A pilot and co-pilot go through their routine while their attention is really on what happened in each of their home lives.
ODDBALL: A glimpse into the world of the local film archive, Oddball Films.
ZAAR: A suicide bomber goes to a diner. And meeting the friendly locals makes him doubt his mission.

Next up was DESIRE WILL SET YOU FREE, a vibrant tour through the queer Berlin scene. There's a story there...something about an American who falls for a Russian and shows him around the clubs. But I was tired/drunk, so I didn't follow that all that well. Mostly it was just a very colorful, funny, and queer-positive tour of Berlin, with stars such as Peaches and Nina Hagen. Lots of fun.

Total Running Time: 176 minutes
My Total Minutes: 419,007

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