Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Jason goes to Indiefest--Closing Night

The final night of Indiefest 2017 started with one more screening at the Alamo Drafthouse, the odd Brazilian coming of age story KILL ME PLEASE. I liked this a lot, but somehow wished I had liked it more. 15 year old girl Bia becomes obsessed with a series of local murders. I mean, everyone is talking about them, but she's downright obsessed. Like, similar to how normal 15 year-olds are obsessed Actually, the ideas of sex and death...and abuse and rape...permeate the film. But just on a fantasy level. To a large extent, this is a movie about the fantasy life of 15 year old girls, including all the dark fascination with rape fantasies and murder. And maybe I'm not the target audience, but I found it fascinating without being particularly insightful about any of it. But it was gorgeously shot. The cinematography deserves heaps of praise.

And finally, I ended the festival in Israel with OMG, I'M A ROBOT!?! High action wackiness abounds as mild mannered Danny is dumped by his girlfriend Noa. He's just not macho enough. In a fit of despair, he attempts to slit his wrists (the right way, down the arm, not across!) only to find not blood and guts underneath but wires and gears. Turns out, he's a robot! He can shoot lasers from his hands, has super strength, doesn't feel pain...except that he still feels pain because he's still kind of a wimp. Also, Noa didn't dump him, she was kidnapped. Time for a heroic rescue! What a fun way to end the festival.

Then a last beer at Dalva with a few of my front-row friends, and Indiefest 2017 is finally in the books.

Total Running Time: 176 minutes
My Total Minutes: 419,428

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