Friday, February 12, 2016

Jason watches BROOKLYN

And it does a great job of evoking time and place (Ireland and Brooklyn in the 1950s.) There's a very nice lead in Saoirse Ronan and she does a great job playing Eilis, a young Irish woman with no future in her home town, so a helpful priest, Father Flood, helps her book passage to New York and sets her up in a boarding house and a job. And she's homesick for a while, but starts to fit in, especially with the help of a handsome Italian suitor Tony (Emory Cohen.) And then for a long, long time I start to worry that there won't be any conflict at all in the movie. Like it really seems like a sweet, innocent story of a woman moving halfway around the world, feeling homesick, and then getting over it. Finally, there is some conflict when she returns home to Ireland for a visit (the exact motivation would give too much away.) But this isn't about drama so much as a sweet but not too sentimental love letter to the American immigrant experience.

Running Time: 111 minutes
My Total Minutes: 416,691

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