Friday, February 19, 2016

Jason goes to Indiefest--Day 7

Two more shows last Wednesday night, starting with some anti-romantic shorts, Don't Get All Mushy On Me:
COUCH: Apartment living, with furniture, household repairs, and dating.
HIP HIP HOORAY: On his 30th birthday, a man breaks up with his overly controlling girlfriend, just in time to find out she threw a surprise party for him.
KETATAPAN: A Singaporean engaged couple have a conversation about just one more thing she needs him to do so her Muslim family will accept him. He's already given up drinking and pork, so there's just one thing left.
LOVE AND FAITH: And fear of the water, because you can't swim. It's a comedy.
MUSH: Crime scene cleanup is not an easy place to meet people. But one woman fascinated by the process keeps interrupting.
MY FATHER, THE SHOT PUTTER FROM DDR: That title is pretty self-explanatory, and the movie is really nicely done.
NO BREATH PLAY: A little light BDSM leaves a woman in a difficult situation. Problem solving skills to the rescue!
TWO DOLLAR BILL: Halloween choices for two roommates.

And then the feature CAMINO, starring Zoe Bell. I remember when she visited San Francisco with the documentary DOUBLE DARE, about her work as a stunt double. In the Q&A that time, she talked about how she didn't want to be seen, and how her work was all about being anonymous. If people notice her on screen, it meant she did a bad job doubling for the lead (Lucy Lawless in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS or Uma Thurman in KILL BILL.) Well, thanks in large part to that movie, and to Quentin Tarantino, she's now an action star in her own right, and gets a juicy starring role here. She plays Avery, a photojournalist embedded with Columbian revolutionaries. Guillermo (TIMECRIMES director Nacho Vigalondo) is their charismatic leader who brings hope to the people. But he's not really a good guy. In fact, she sort of a catches him doing something bad. And worse yet, catches it on her camera. So he quickly turns from a friend to a hunter, and she's alone in the Columbian jungle fighting to survive. And she's one hell of a fighter. Unfortunately, I had a bit much to drink, so I don't quite remember all the details. But what I remember/stayed awake for was a showcase of her physical strength and survivor mentality. Zoe Bell is freakin' awesome.

Total Running Time: 198 minutes
My Total Minutes: 418,445

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