Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jason goes to Niles for a Laurel and Hardy matinee--August 9th

Four funny films a few weeks ago. Sorry, but I gotta make this brief.

DIVOT DIGGERS (1935): Our Gang gets up to a heck of a lot of mischief filling in for the striking caddies at the local golf course.

THE CHIMP (1932): Laurel and Hardy work at a failing circus. In fact, when the circus folds instead of back pay they get...a flea circus and a chimpanzee. Wacky hijinx ensue (especially when the chimp has the same name as their landlord's wife.)

MANHATTAN MONKEY BUSINESS (1930): Charley Chase, with a little windfall expects to have a nice night out. But when he accidentally overtips the cabbie, he's left with no money for dinner and has to work it off while keeping up appearances. Very funny.

DIRTY WORK (1933): Laurel and Hardy as chimney sweeps, making quite a mess in a mad scientist's living room. And then things get stranger when the are introduced to his amazing rejuvenation tank. Wacky, childish hijinx ensue.

Total Running Time: 84 minutes
My Total Minutes: 405,457

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