Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jason goes to J-POP and sees ELECTRIC DRAGON 80000V

I've never been to J-Pop before, and didn't have the time to seen anything else. But big thanks to my friend Maria for cluing me in on opening night and the fact that the brilliant Tadanobu Asano would be there (FYI, look for him in an upcoming Scorsese film)

For the event, they played a 35 mm print of the 2001 film ELECTRIC DRAGON 80,000V.
[Completely aside, it would be more convenient but less impressive to use 80KV]

Asano plays Dragon Eye Morrison, who was electrocuted while climbing a tower in a power plant as a child. Now he plays electric guitar and is prone to violent outbursts of electricity. Don't piss him off. Meanwhile, Thunderbolt Buddha is a vigilante with a penchant for electric weapons. So of course they have to face off. And it's pretty epic. Or, as Asano explained, it was a lot of yelling and playing guitar, which was right in his wheelhouse at the time (he has evolved as an actor since then, but his most popular roles will always be the batshit-crazy ones.)

Running Time: 55 minutes
My Total Minutes: 405,373

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