Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Jason goes to SFIFF--The Penultimate Day

Two more movies three weeks ago Wednesday, starting with what ended up being my favorite film of SFIFF 2015, WHEN ANIMALS DREAM. A Danish film that has been picked up by The Weinstein Company (so hopefully it will get a release soon) it will be described by everyone as a werewolf film. And it has all the genre trappings of one.'s not really a werewolf film. Sure, it's a monstrous transformation film. But she's not a werewolf. Marie has a sick mother and a job in a male-dominated fish processing plant. There her co-workers (except for one nice guy) play cruel pranks on her and basically make her life hell. Until eventually she transforms into a monster--becoming a hairy killer. But this isn't full body fur like a wolf, it's wispy hair on her arms, chest, back, and face. She's a were-male. The lead actress, Sonia Suhl, is even somewhat androgynous with small breasts. And knowing it's all a big metaphor for women being powerful enough to take on a traditional male role--and how that frightens most men--it's just perfect. Especially the scene where we see her mother, horribly "ill" to the point that she can barely walk, speak, or keep her head up...but all because of the tranquilizers the doctor has her on because of the fear of a powerful woman. Let it be said, powerful women are awesome, and male fear of powerful women is hilarious (unfortunately, it's also destructive.)

And then I saw QUITTERS, a locally made film about a teenager with a drug-addicted mother. I have to admit I don't remember much else. Shoot. Well, it was three weeks ago and I was pretty exhausted at the time. So...swing and a miss. Maybe I'll get a chance to see it again.

Total Running Time: 179 minutes
My Total Minutes: 396,428

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