Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jason goes to SFIFF--Day 13

It was an evening of shorts last three weeks ago Tuesday.

Shorts 2:
BIG HEAD: An artist and his big ol' doggie.
CAILLEACH: Morag, 86 years young...okay, let's admit it, she's old. After all the, title means "old woman" in Gaelic. Morag reflects on her life and connection to her remote island home.
DAVID HOCKNEY IN THE NOW: A portrait of the artist as a...man who lives "in the now."
OF THE UNKNOWN: A look at the neglected poor in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong.
RAIN: I see this is as the best metaphor for depression ever. A woman spends her day with a rain cloud literally pouring on her, but she tries to pretend like nothing is happening, even as she is getting drenched.
TERRITORY: A sheepherder finds there are things more worrisome than wolves...like paratroopers.
TRADESMAN’S EXIT: Damn...I really wish I remembered this one (I think I might've dozed off.) Oh well, looks like it's playing at Frameline, maybe I can catch it there.

Shorts 1:
ART: Alternate title--how to convince 19-year-old girls to get naked for your film.
THE BAD BOY OF BOWLING: A portrait of Pete Weber, the legendary (“Who do you think you are? I am!”) bad boy bowler. Particularly interesting is his relationship with his father, who was a legendary (and legendarily nice) bowler.
THE CHICKEN: A little girl and her chicken.
HOTEL 22: I saw this before at Cinequest. The VTA bus route 22 is the only 24 hour bus service in the Silicon Valley. And at night, for $2, the homeless and destitute can sleep for an hour or two. A sad look at the poorest people living in one of the richest parts of the world.
PLAMEN: A portrait of construction worker/artist/activist Plamen Goranov, who drew attention to Bulgaria's political corruption by taking drastic actions. Don't click on this link if you don't want to know what the action was.
SORMEH: During the 1979 revolution, a woman has to make a quick decision regarding a rebel hiding in her building.
TIME QUEST: Don't fuck with the past. Literally.

Total Running Time: 200 minutes
My Total Minutes: 396,249

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