Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jason watches WILD TALES

Even though Cinequest is over, it's never really over for me (which is a good time to brag about how Cinequest was voted the #1 film festival in the country!) This is one of the films I missed at Cinequest, and it was quite a treat.

Six vignettes, all hilarious, all pretty violent, most of them ending in death, tell the story of modern Argentina. I confess I don't know much about the culture, and I've read that these stories are very particular to different aspects of Argentinian culture or politics. If that's so, it's to writer/director Damián Szifron's credit that he has made them pretty universally acceptable. While the nuances of Argentinian life are lost on me, who doesn't understand revenge? (in an opening sequence that is hilarious but kind of eerie in the aftermath of the Germanwings crash.) Or wanting to poison the corrupt asshole who destroyed your family? Or road rage (in one of the funniest things I've seen, and the most scatological of the stories.) Or how about bureaucratic annoyances and petty local government extortion? Or, in a more serious story, the divide between the rich and the poor, and how the top 1% takes advantage to buy and sell poor people's lives. And, in the final vignette, there's the most violent act of all--love!

Goddamn, that was fun!

Running Time: 122 minutes
My Total Minutes: 392,205

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