Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jason goes to CAAMFest--Day 8

Dammit, I've fallen well over a month behind on my stupid blog. Okay, prepare for a review dump.

FLOWING STORIES: This is a meditative documentary about family, place, and changing times for the Ho-Chung Village. Set during their 400 year old decadal festival, we see several generations of a family. Grandma reminisces about growing up in poverty, while the younger generations have moved to Europe and are trying to make a living there. But they come back for the festival. And for the place. It's really a movie about place, and what keeps drawing us back to...whatever place is special for us (usually where we grew up.)

RIVER OF EXPLODING DURIANS: And then this film, which at least has the best title in the festival. A factory upstream is poisoning all the fish--at least, that's the suspicion. It's simultaneously a story about teenage love and violent political activism, as students--and one idealistic young teacher--start protesting the plant. And then it goes further, gets a bit more violent, and it turns out that the teacher is the most radical of them all. A cool story, well told, and engaging. And apparently loosely inspired by a true story.

Total Running Time: 225 minutes
My Total Minutes: 391,845

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