Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jason goes to Docfest--The Penultimate Day

I will not fall a month behind on my blog. I will not fall a month behind on my blog. I will not fall a month behind on my blog. IWILLNOTFALLAMONTHBEHINDONMYBLOG!

Okay, first up on...Christ, June 18th was VESSEL. Dr. Rebecca Gomperts really cares about women's access to safe, legal abortions. That's good. So she hires a boat and travels to places that ban abortions so she can offer women there legal abortions in international waters. That's...kind of clever. But she has no idea what she's doing. Things as simple as 'if you come into port here, you will be arrested' seem to escape her naive idealism. Whatever you think of her mission, this movie is more interesting as a look at a passionate, naive activist who learns a little bit about how to go about her mission more pragmatically.

Then there was A MAN CALLED GOD. A personal movie made over the course of 30 years, Christopher St John and his son Kristoff tell their story of the guru Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. leader/child molester, according to the movie. Ummm...yeah, that was not pleasant to hear about. The movie is well made, although it runs kind of long, and the allegations of sexual abuse seem to come out of nowhere and are rather shocking. But maybe that's just because I was struggling to stay awake.

Total Running Time: 196 minutes
My Total Minutes: 366,672

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