Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jason catches a sneak preview of ALIVE INSIDE

Now this was quite a treat. I got an e-mail in the morning inviting me to this sneak preview in the evening at the Camera 7. I was interested because I knew a little bit about the subject--music therapy for senior citizens, a field my aunt has worked in for quite a long time. I had heard her stories about how these old folks with Alzheimer's or dementia would just light up when they hear a song they recognize from their youth. And now I've seen it live on film, and it's beautiful and amazing. And there are many ways this movie could have gone. They touch a bit on the science of what music does to our brains. They touch a lot more on the dismal state of our nation's nursing homes. But the vast majority is about the seniors, and the work of social worker Dan Cohen who brings music into their lives. It's amazing to see a non-communicative man suddenly come alive. Or someone who has used a walker for years suddenly toss it aside and start dancing. It's probably the closest I've ever seen to an actual miracle (note: I am not a religious man.) And for that, this movie is amazing and inspiring.

Find where you can see it here. For my Bay Area friends, it opens August 8th.

And if you want to get involved, even just to the point of donating an old iPod, you can learn more here.

Running Time: 73 minutes
My Total Minutes: 367,460

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