Saturday, March 1, 2014

Jason slips into a Vortex and sees a SPECTRE

It has been too long since I've hung out in the best underground movie lair in San Francisco. And at least in the immediate short term, it looks like they've avoided being gentrified out of existence. So I downed a couple of their award-winning* martinis, a little beer to wash it down, and then settled in for the movie.

SPECTRE (1977) stars Robert Culp as a world famous criminologist William Sebastian and Gig Young as his friend Dr. Ham Hamilton. William implores Dr. Hamilton to join him on his latest case, which despite their scientific skepticism seems to deal with the black arts. Seems a wealthy British businessman has been dabbling in the dark arts, and his sister is worried. Well, William is already convinced that demons are real, and has a pretty nasty wound in his heart for his experimentation. Dr. Hamilton is still the skeptic, but tags along out of loyalty. And then Robert Culp and Gig Young battle a freakin' demon! Fuck yeah! I think the demon was Astaroth...something like that, it was definitely an A name...and he was definitely an a-hole. (I crack myself up.)

Running Time: 98 minutes
My Total Minutes: 353,127

*That would be the "Jason's Favorite Martini Award."

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