Monday, March 31, 2014

Jason goes to CAAMFest--Friday, March 21

Just one show last week Friday, and it was a shorts program Provocateurs. I think the name says it all.

H7N3: C. S. Lee (the pervy colleague on DEXTER) is a travelling field doctor trying to take a mouth swab from a sick little girl. Perhaps it's just knowing him from DEXTER but I thought it got a little creepy when he talked about "just the tip" and I got a real rape culture vibe from it. Which made the ending pretty cool.
THE HOLE: A recently released convict witnesses a grisly murder of a little girl. So he digs a grave and buries her. And then digs her up, then buries her again. He appears to be torn between doing the right thing and being afraid that he'll be blamed for her death.
KILL OF THE NIGHT: When a cop pulls over a beautiful young woman, he hears noises in her trunk and is about to arrest her for a serious crime. But it turns out it's just a kinky game, so the most he has is a traffic violation--driving without a seat belt. Or not.
MILKYBOY: A child commercial star is all grown up, and now works in advertising. But he can't escape his Milkyboy past, no matter how much he wants to. But then, every once in a while it helps to have a bit of a superhero in you.
SEWING WOMAN: A creepy, grisly animated look at one theory of what happens after you die.
SUKIYAKI WITH LOVE: A young husband is so beaten down by his nagging wife that he has already had an affair and is now considering asking for divorce. But when he comes home, his wife is all sweetness and love. She even made him his favorite--Sukiyaki...with a special ingredient.
THINKING ABOUT THINKING: Experimental, black and white exploration of people's varying opinions about mortality.
WHAT REMAINS: Bad memories leave ghosts in a woman's old childhood home.

And that was that. A really cool shorts program.

Running Time: 84 minutes
My Total Minutes: 358,848

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