Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jason watches THOR: THE DARK WORLD

Ho hum, another Superhero movie. And like IRON MAN 3, it seems Marvel doesn't know how to deal with solo stories after THE AVENGERS. They can't ignore the plot, but they're poor at explaining why some characters weren't there (I do kind of like Natalie Portman making Chris Hemsworth apologize for her not being in THE AVENGERS) or why the fellow Avengers don't help them out (why is Thor fighting an existential threat to the Earth...alone?) Anyway, there's some fun action, a plot that...I guess exists (oogity-boogities from before the Universe existed want to destroy everything.) It used to be taken for granted that--with the exception of THE DARK KNIGHT--Marvel has done a better job with their superhero movies than DC has. But THOR: THE DARK WORLD is about as silly and insubstantial as THE GREEN LANTERN (nerds may now commence hating me.)

Running Time: 112 minutes
My Total Minutes: 342,579

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