Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jason watches a PUS production of SCAMORAMALAND

Sooo...this is a couple of weeks late for you to do anything with it, but the latest Performers Under Stress (P.U.S.) production is pretty damn funny. A fast paced, funny look at an intertwined world of Nigerian scammers, victims, and scam-baiters. It's very funny, but it doe more than just mock the scammers, or the victims. And it doesn't always laugh with the scam-baiters. There's some sympathy for the low-level scammer, who is  actually beholden to an abusive boss. Then there's the older English man who falls for a scam and chooses to actually meet the sender of the scam e-mail in Paris instead of just wiring money. His...well, it's a kind of tragic story. And then the Guild. Three scam-baiters, one American man, one English woman (who happens to be the daughter of the victim) and one French man who lure the scammers into wasting their time with elaborate pranks. But...they're not necessarily as heroic as they seem at first. There's a level of complexity that makes this rise over simple mockery of Internet scams.

Anyway...SCAMORAMALAND is no longer playing, but you can keep up with what's going on with P.U.S. right here. Sorry again that this is so late.

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