Friday, October 18, 2013

Jason slips into a Vortex and witnesses a battle of GOOD AGAINST EVIL

October is a month of Satanic Rites of the Vortex Room, and while I missed the first Thursday, I was there last week for a couple of martinis, a few goofy trailers, and then a cheesy movie. Despite the lurid DVD cover art (NSFW) shown on IMDb, this is a pretty tame, made-for-network-TV movie. Coming a few years after THE EXORCIST, it's clearly capitalizing on that success. A baby girl is born, she's promised to Satan, so she grows up and moves to San Francisco. But while there, she meets a nice, persistent young man who woos her away. But evil forces intervene, and eventually he has to team up with an exorcist and try to save her immortal soul in New Orleans. Besides featuring arguably the two most sinful American cities, it also features an honest to god demonic black cat. Kinda turns that it's-just-a-cat trope on it's ear.

Running Time: 84 minutes
My Total Minutes: 338,811

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