Monday, October 21, 2013

Jason slips into a Vortex and comes face to face with THE UNDEAD

Back at my favorite underground-ish movie pad for more Satanic Rites of the Vortex. After a couple of martinis and some wacked-out trailers, on to the feature.

THE UNDEAD (1957): Ah, there's something about Roger Corman, how he can make a movie great even when it's lousy. For all the badly fake bats on strings and comical devils, there's always something there, some attention to a story point, that captures your interest (or at least mine.) Maybe it's Billy Barty rolling around as an imp. Or maybe it's realizing that INCEPTION fuckin' ripped off this movie. Maybe not exactly, but the idea of using electronic equipment to join someone in their hypnotic dream state is in there. Except the dream state is actually a past life, in a past time full of witchcraft and devilry. And [Spoiler Alert] if she survives in her past life, she'll never be born in the present one. Okay, not a lot of it makes literal sense, but nobody can come up with a bizarre story idea and pull it off quite like Roger Corman.

Running Time: 71 minutes
My Total Minutes: 339,163

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