Saturday, July 27, 2013

Jason watches PACIFIC RIM in 3D

What the shit was that crap?! I don't mean the giant robots fighting sea monsters--that was the whole point, and was cheesy, stupid fun. I don't mean the gobbledygook about "drifting" (i.e., mind-melding) or the trans-dimensional breach, that at least was pseudo-science nonsense that served the plot (what little there was.) And I don't mind the 3-D, which alternated between unnecessary and annoying violations of Jason's rule. I mean what the shit was up with Anchorage being a city of 2 million people?!

Okay, this takes place in the near-ish future. I forget the exact years, but within this century. Giant monsters rise up from a trans-dimensional breach in the Pacific. Cities on the Pacific Rim are decimated, starting with San Francisco (before the opening credits.) So as the population of Pacific coast cities are destroyed either through monster attacks or through the completely rational act of fleeing the areas that are prone to giant monster attacks. And yet, in all of that, Anchorage's population increases by an order of magnitude?

I repeat--what the shit was that crap!?

Running Time: 131 minutes
My Total Minutes: 334,929

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