Friday, May 18, 2012

Jason watches DARK SHADOWS

First, allow me to confess that I've never seen the original TV series (in my defense, the series ended 3 years before my birth.) But judging from the reaction I've heard from friends it wasn't nearly as silly as what Tim Burton put on screen. And judging from what was on the screen, not much could've been sillier.

You know, I consider myself a Tim Burton fan. I like his dark sense of humor, his outrageous art direction, etc. But I'm becoming less and less impressed, especially when he adapts other people's work (exception, BIG FISH.) So instead of spending any more time caring about this movie, I'm just gonna get excited about FRANKENWEENIE, his first original work in years (granted, it's based on a short film, but his short film, so it's still something he came up with originally.)

Running Time: 113 minutes
My Total Minutes: 284,819

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