Monday, May 7, 2012

Jason watches THE AVENGERS in 3-D

Well, it's about as much fun and excitement as you'd expect. The heroes from some of the best superhero movies ever made, plus the Hulk, first fight each other and then eventually team up to fight Loki and his army of invaders from the other side of the universe (brought courtesy of the Tesseract/Cosmic Cube, aka the world's most powerful macguffin.) Joss Whedon is pretty darn good at ensemble action, and I never really felt that anyone was short-changed on screen time. Ultimately, things get nice and blowy-uppy, and, of course, smashy-smashy. It's kind of interesting that Hulk, the one character who had the weakest setup movie, and the one character where they didn't manage to hang on to the original actor, ended up being my favorite in the movie.

Now, as for the 3-D, really don't bother. It of course violates Jason's Rule (as a refresher, the rule states that 3-D should be used to create depth into the screen, not throw crap out of the screen) plenty. But more importantly, I don't think there was a single scene that was really designed to use the 3-D effect at all (for good or for bad.) Now you can take that as you will, fans should take it as the movie relies on storytelling instead of 3-D gimmicks. Haters can scoff at the ridiculous extra charge for 3-D and call it a ripoff. They're both kind of right.

Running Time: 142 minutes
My Total Minutes: 283,452

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