Sunday, January 8, 2012


Wow, that was actually pretty impressive. A spy movie that's 99% talking with just a few bits of violent action. Gary Oldman is riveting as George Smiley, a high ranking official in the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6.) He and his mentor Control (John Hurt) are forced out after a botched operation in Hungary that led to the death of an agent. What Control didn't even tell Smiley is that the operation was to bring in a contact who knew the identity of an alleged mole at the very top of MI6. And about a year later, he is contacted to ferret out the identity of the spy. And as I said, it's almost all talking, very carefully paced, but somehow never loses the audience's interest. Pretty much proves you don't need lotsa 'splosions to tell a good spy story. And while I'm pretty sure I followed most everything, I can tell it's the sort of movie that rewards repeat viewings, revealing new details each time.

Running Time: 127 minutes
My Total Minutes: 260,667

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