Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jason watches SHEvil Dead

Way back in 2004, the Primitive Screwheads won my heart and soaked my undies (perhaps I should rephrase that...nah!) with their first show, Evil Dead Live, a comic adaptation of the famous horror/comedy trilogy. What they lacked in production value, they more than made up with using a combination of insanity and tons of fake blood, sprayed all over the audience. Over the years, that insanity has stayed, although a few of their shows have eschewed the blood. Seems it's getting harder and harder for them to actually rent a show space in the city--too many people know how much of a mess they make.

Well, after a bit of an absence, the blood is back! And they're back to their roots, once again going after the EVIL DEAD trilogy, but this time with an awesome, sexy twist--an all-female cast. An excellent excuse to have some fun with party girls alone in a cabin. They fight, they love, they make fun of Bruce Campbell. Julie Antti is just excellent as Ash(ley). And I don't mean to be a pervert, but her possessed hand scene was aaaawesome...definitely the best part that didn't involve me getting soaked with blood.

Oh, and as always, thank you for aiming at me as much as possible! I love you guys, too.

My only miscalculation is that I chose to see this last Friday night, which I didn't realize was the start of Yom Kippur. I'm not very Jewish (or even legally Jewish, as only my dad is Jewish), but for some reason I still fast on Yom Kippur (and break the fast with a big pile of bacon). So possibly for the first time ever I saw their show sober. I'm happy to confirm that their show still rocks sober. But I might have to make time to see it drunk, know just as a control experiment.

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