Monday, August 15, 2011


This sequel-in-name-only to Franco's 2005 indie project and Cinequest feature THE APE amps up the special effects and the high concept, and loses all the charm of the original. Instead of a writer on the verge of a mental breakdown, apparently Franco's character has pulled himself together and become a scientist. He still has an affinity for simian roommates, though. But this time rather than wearing a Hawaiian shirt and making obnoxious chauvinist wisecracks, his new roommate Caesar wears a simple ensemble of jeans and a sweater and is a chimp of few words. Come to think of it, the name of Franco's character even changed (from Harry Walker to...ah, who cares? Harry Walker was the best name ever for a character in an Ape movie!) Anyway, it seems like the filmmakers would just as soon you forget the first film and pretend it all started over with this one. Fair enough, all I cared about was watching San Francisco get destroyed. It got...pretty destroyed, but I could've done with more.

Running Time: 105 minutes
My Total Minutes: 246,807

And yes, I am fucking with you.

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