Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jason watches LOVE EXPOSURE

So normally I don't have the time or inclination to watch films on DVD (something about going to the theater and removing all other distractions just works better for me), and so I'd just wait for the chance to see this on the big screen. But this is an exception, because A) It opens at the Roxie while I'm away at Burning Man. It only plays for two nights after I'm back and I might be too busy/tired to see it there. And B) it's just so damn good I want to let everyone know about it before (I couldn't in good conscience tease you about this great movie after it plays).

Anyway, Sion Sono's epic is a star-crossed romance of Shakespearean proportions, plus some religious nutcases, panty-peeking perverts, drag queens, lesbian romance, and triumphant, miraculous erections. I could probably stop right there, because if that doesn't make you want to see it nothing will (except maybe everyone I've ever known who has seen it raves about it).

Yu is the good Catholic boy searching for his true love (his Maria) by taking surreptitious panty shots. Yoko is his Maria, but she hates men (she has her reasons), but falls for his drag character Miss Scorpion. Complication--Yoko's mom is marrying Yu's dad. Meanwhile Koike is an operative in the cult Zero Church, and has a sinister plan to convert all of Yu's family (a major coup, since Yu's father is a priest) and keep Yu for herself. And things get pretty damn crazy.

So I mentioned I don't watch a lot of films on DVD. Late last Friday I popped this screener in knowing it's four hours, but hoping there would be a nice break point where I could stop, get some sleep, and finish it Saturday. Indeed, it's conveniently broken into chapters so that would probably be possible. And then I ended up staying up until 2:45 watching it, because it was too good to turn off.

LOVE EXPOSURE starts at the Roxie on September 2.

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