Monday, July 26, 2010

Jason watches a midnight screening of PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE

After Lebrowski (and after watching my buddy Ira bust his ass cleaning up. Good luck on your job interview, Ira!), we drove over to the Bridge for a midnight screening of PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE.

With Peaches Christ touring with her film ALL ABOUT EVIL, we needed new midnight happenings at the Bridge. And stepping in is Citizen Midnight with Rocksploitation. A little rock and roll to start it off--a few original homages to the movie, and a few from the soundtrack. And then it was time to start the flick

As always, Brian De Palma's glam-rock take on Faust, Phantom of the Opera, and a few other horror classics (a bit of Cask of Amontillado, a bit of Frankenstein) is awesome. So awesome, I loved it even though I was so exhausted I dozed off a bit near the end.

A bit of trivia: PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE was released on the most important day in the history of the human race--October 31, 1974 (my birthday).

Running Time: 92 minutes
My Total Minutes 190,694

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