Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jason goes to Holehead--Day 6

First, how about a little sponsor love for Tall Chair, a local company that's been advertising it's new Iphone/Ipod Touch/Ipad game, "Cowboys Vs. Zombies" before each show.'s not released yet, and I actually don't have any of those Apple products, so I can't really say much about it. But they're a sponsor, so love them!

Okay, movies.

First up, SILENT NIGHT, ZOMBIE NIGHT. For no reason, a week before Christmas in Los Angeles people start turning into zombies. Two cops--partners and best friends for years--are bickering because one (Frank) is an alcoholic jerk and the other (Nash) either slept with his wife or wants to sleep with him or something. The few survivors fight more with each other than with the zombies, especially once they learn some tricks like slow zombies can't see at night, they find victims by smell. So their easy pickings at night, just don't mistake your buddy for a zombie. Other than that, it was a pretty standard zombie movie, and the whole Christmas element is kind of a wash. There are trees and lights up, but it's Los Angeles so it's bright and sunny with no snow on the ground so it doesn't look like Christmas at all. Whatever.

And then I saw YATTERMAN, Japanese bad boy Takashi Miike once again taking on a children's film (much like his GREAT YOKAI WAR). This is his take on a 70's TV show that I never saw. A boyfriend/girlfriend pair of children, their little robot Botty, and their mecha dog Yatterwoof take on the evil thief Doronjo and her henchmen (really hench-pig Tonzurra and hench-rat Boyacky) as they work for the evil god of thieves Skull-Obey to find/steal pieces of a stone skull that will unleash chaos onto the world. It's as fast paced as any Miike film, but played at more of a children's level, although there's plenty of cheeky humor including some uniquely perverse takes on young love. Even when Miike isn't shocking you and/or covering the screen with blood, he always keeps you entertained and on your toes.

Total Running Time: 194 minutes
My Total Minutes: 188,987

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